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Aaron Zhang

This site is plain on purpose. It is my desire for only what is needed.

Me in 10 Seconds

I'm a supply chain professional currently working at Lexington Medical Inc. My education background is in Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineering. I enjoy all sorts of "manufacturing": cooking, woodworking, film developing, but are keen in the conversion from bits to atoms, such as additive manufacturing, robotics, and of course, the technical supply chain. I'm a big fan of Vim, LyX, Arch Linux, and open source philosophy. I enjoy reading books and articles by Derek Sivers, Adam Grant, Yuval Harari, and Confucius.

Me in 10 Minutes

See my "about" page.


I love hearing from people. Please email me at *aaron [at] taomaker [dot] com* and introduce yourself. I love getting to know different people and I reply to all.