Sony E-mount TaoAdapter for Rolleiflex SL26

Today I’m happy to release the verified design of Rolleiflex SL26 TaoAdapter for Sony E-mount cameras. The first machined version was designed back in 2015 by G. Hou, my star in optics. I later revised the design to make it fit for 3D printing.

The design has been verified on 4 SL26s so feel worry free to print yours.

Link to github page:


  1. Hi Aaron,
    Plan to remove the front aperture connected to my sl 26 camera.
    Which screw do I remove? Are you referring to the 3 screw infront of the lens and 1 out of this flat screw is with a RED COLOR painted over it.



    1. Hi Mike,

      Instead of removing the front aperture, I chose to trigger it. I don’t have nay of these lenses with me, but I remember it was done this way:
      1. Turn the shutter speed to B
      2. Trigger the shutter
      3. Insert another object to “Caulk” the shutter so that it wouldn’t come back.

      Please check if you have any luck with this.



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