Entrepreneur, empowered

When people talk about the next disruptive technology, they usually stick to social networks, big data, or 3D printing in hardware domain.
However, I believe the next disruptive innovation is empowering people: make information more open & share-able, make networking more focused, and make "making" more accessible. When these people turn to entrepreneur, everything they bring out is disruptive.

What to include in a Request for Quotation (RFQ)

A Request for Quotation (RFQ) is used by buyers to invite suppliers to bid on a part or a project. This article explains the essential composition of an RFQ. Hope makers and hardware entrepreneurs can benefit from it and establish effective communication with suppliers. 1. Contact Information Name, telephone number, Fax, Email etc of buyer. Contact info of engineers/designers can…

Choose the right Free 2D CAD

This article is not a comprehensive description of what these tools are, what features they have, or where to get them, since most readers can get these information from their website easily. Instead, based on the experiences using all these software, I would give a list of key points you should consider when choosing a free CAD package to start…